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Jovian Selcare



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The scrub is especially useful for our tropical climate to reduce the effect of the blazing sun on delicate facial skin.

  • Anti-aging property and to reduce occurrence of pigmentation or acne.
  • To lighten and refresh dull, tired skin.
  • Yam bean contains protein, calcium, phosphor, iron, vitamin A, B1 and C.

Recommendation :

Useful for tropical climate to reduce the effect of blazing sun on delicate facial skin.


1. Mix 5g (3 tsp) of facial scrub powder with 20ml (2 tbsp) of Rose Water distillate until

you get a smooth paste.


  • For dry weather, add in 3 drops of Virgin Coconut oil.

2. Apply a thin layer of scrub paste on guest’s face and décolleté.

3. Moistened a cotton swab with Rose Water distillate and cover the eyes.

4. Leave for 5 minutes, than gently scrub by pulling the skin taut with two fingers and scrubbing with the other hand.

5. Move the two fingers up and down to gently remove the scrub. Exfoliate until the last layer.

6. Wipe away excess scrub with a damp sponge or towel. Give extra attention to the ear lobes.


Oryza sativa ( rice ) powder, Oryza sativa var. glutinosa seed powder, Pachyrrhizus erosus root powder, Vetiveria zizanoides root powder, Cassia alata leaf powder, Citrus hystrix leaf/fruit powder, Alyxia stellata bark powder, Cymbopogon citrates leaf powder, Psidium guajava leaf powder

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