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Jovian Selcare



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Prepare for a rock-solid hairstyle with Bad Lab Lock & Load. This solid wax is designed to provide a strong hold that keeps your hair locked in place, no matter what challenges come your way. With a weighty 70g size, this styling product ensures you have enough wax to create your desired look and maintain it throughout the day.

Bad Lab Lock & Load is not just about holding power, though. It is enriched with Fuidipure™8G, a special ingredient that goes beyond styling. This innovative component helps to keep bad odors at bay, ensuring your hair stays fresh and odor-free. Additionally, it helps soothe any irritated scalp, providing a calming and comfortable experience.

With Bad Lab Lock & Load, you can confidently rock any hairstyle, knowing that it will stay in place. Whether you prefer a textured look, a sleek style, or anything in between, this solid wax has got you covered. It gives you the control you need to create a variety of hairstyles while maintaining a strong hold.

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