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Jovian Selcare



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AMMELTZ YOKO-YOKO NEW - 80ML is a pain-relieving lotion designed to provide relief for various conditions such as stiffness of shoulders, muscular pain, low back pain, bruises, sprains, and joint pain. It is especially recommended for shoulder stiffness and muscular aches.

This formulation has a unique feature of less smell, making it suitable for those who prefer products with a milder scent or are sensitive to strong smells. The bottle is designed with a bending shape, allowing for easy application to affected areas, including hard-to-reach spots.

To use AMMELTZ YOKO-YOKO NEW, simply apply a proper amount to the affected parts 2 to 3 times a day. The lotion contains the following active ingredients: Glycol Salicylate (2.5%), L-Menthol (3.0%), Benzyl Nicotinate (0.01%), and Vanillylamide Nonylate (0.012%). These ingredients work together to provide relief by reducing pain, promoting blood circulation, and soothing the affected areas.

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