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Jovian Selcare



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Introducing Agnesia Hygiene Care Powder Classic - 100g, your trusted solution for prickly heat and discomfort in hot and humid weather. For over 80 years, Agnesia has provided soothing relief with its calming formula, making it a go-to product for many.

This powder effectively absorbs sweat and prevents bacterial growth, helping to keep you fresh and comfortable throughout the day. It's not just for prickly heat - Agnesia is also beneficial for addressing nappy rash and soothing cosmetic allergies.

Now, Agnesia Hygiene Care Powder is available in two delightful scents: lavender and rose. Experience the added freshness and enjoy the captivating fragrance while maintaining a comfortable feeling.

Using Agnesia is simple:
1. Dust a small amount onto your hands before applying it to the affected area.
2. Apply twice daily after bathing to maintain its soothing effects.
3. For nappy rash, lightly sprinkle the powder onto the affected area for relief.
4. Agnesia Hygiene Care Powder is suitable for all ages, from babies to toddlers, young adults, the elderly, and even athletes.

Trust Agnesia to keep you feeling fresh, comfortable, and confident in any situation. Experience the time-tested relief of Agnesia Hygiene Care Powder Classic and embrace its soothing benefits today.
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